Our Wellness side of the practice is designated for those patients who have been discharged from Physical Therapy and would like to continue with Medicupping or Massage.  This is a nice way to transition out of physical therapy care.  In addition, for those in the community wishing to participate in the wellness side of the practice, it is our policy that a PT initial evaluation be performed to ensure that no skilled Physical Therapy needs or medical contraindications are present prior to participation in the wellness side of the practice.

We also have resources in the community for return to exercise who would be aware of your physical therapy condition treated and would be mindful of strategies taught during PT and carry them through to your exercise program ensuring a coordinated, cohesive plan of care. Of course a consent to release form would be used to allow communication between all providers involved.    Communication between your PT and fitness providers is important and our PT team is more than happy to speak with your own individual fitness providers to optimize outcomes.



30 minute medicupping/massage = $30 plus tax

45 minute medicupping/massage = $45 plus tax

60 minute medicupping/massage = $60 plus tax