Abdominal & Pelvic Pain Treatment

There are many women and men who suffer chronically from abdominal and pelvic pain. Often times patients are seen by a number of different specialists prior to getting an accurate diagnosis and the help that they need. Specialists in their respective fields look at the patient through a very focused lens and with very specific tests to determine the “source” of pain.

Urologists may perform cystoscopies to look inside the bladder, and GI doctors may perform colonoscopies to look inside the colon and Gynecologists may perform abdominal or pelvic ultrasounds or CT scans to help find the underlying reason for the pain. These are all very important tests to be performed to rule out specific inflammatory processes or anything structural that could be contributing to the pain. However, when tests come back negative – there is uncertainty for which direction to take for pt’s plan of care. This is where we shine . . .

It is not uncommon for NWO Center for Pelvic Rehabilitation and Wellness practitioners to evaluate complex patients who have seen by many healthcare practitioners and be able to methodically go through the patient’s history and piece together WHY they may be experiencing their pain.  Our practitioners allow time for their patient’s story to be told.  Often times the evaluation will take 90 minutes or sometimes be spread out over 2 visits to allow all of the information to be presented.

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