PAinful Sex Treatment

Therapy & Treatments for Painful Sex

Nearly 75% of women experience painful sex at some point. For some women, the pain is temporary.  But for many others, pain during intercourse (“dyspareunia”) is a long-term issue that seriously impacts their sex lives and their relationships. Unfortunately, many women do not seek treatment – while others become frustrated by ineffective treatments, useless medications, or unsympathetic healthcare providers who simply do not understand their problem.

The good news is that physical therapy can effectively treat painful sex. Expert physical therapist Karen Liberi MS MPT WCS, has advanced board certification in pelvic floor physical therapy. Her entire team has specialty training in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Together, she and her team have helped hundreds of women in Perrysburg, Toledo, Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana and Southeast Michigan eliminate pain during sex, and restore their enjoyment of intimacy with their partner.

If your physician has ruled out other diseases that could be causing painful intercourse, it is time to address these symptoms with physical therapy. Painful sex can result from many different medical conditions and is sometimes related to increased tension of the pelvic floor and scar tissue restrictions or “anticipatory” guarding reflexes when your body is anticipating pain.